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Shape Your Mind & Body

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Are you ready to continue towards a life of vibrant health, injury-free phyiscal strength, and robust wellness? Your journey to FiTT-Well Mastery with BFITT's very own 14 year certified pro, Brittany Harris, begins with signing up. 

FiTT-Well Mastery:
Unveiling 4 Keys to Your Success

Unlock Your FiTT-Well Potential:

Imagine waking up each morning with a renewed sense of vitality, ready to conquer your day with confidence and enthusiasm. 


We've coupled our very own 'FiTT Principle' fitness coaching that is founded from science and applied practically throughout the world of fitness, with the essential tools of wholistic wellness proven to yield a higher percentage of abundance and wins. We present for you your complete 'FiTT-Well' journey!

This webinar is your passport to unlocking the secrets of a thriving FiTT-Well lifestyle.


Join us for an exclusive experience that will empower you with the tools and insights you need to embark on this life-changing journey!

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Why You CAN'T Afford to Miss This Webinar:

Finally Put an End to Failed Diets and Workouts: 

If you've jumped from one diet to another, tried multiple workout plans, and yet haven't seen the results you desire, this webinar is one to help you end that cycle of failure.

Conquer Your Mindset: 


Many people don't realize how their mental state impacts their physical wellbeing. This webinar will teach you how a well-aligned physical state can be the jumpstart you need to tackle the mental and emotional work required for holistic health.

Eradicate Your Health Complications:


Are you frustrated by high A1c levels, low energy, or other health issues that seem to stick around no matter what you try? Receive science-backed strategies that have helped people wipe out these problems from their blood work in just weeks.

Overcome the Plateau and See Substantial Progress


Learn how to fine-tune your approach so that you're not just spinning your wheels but actually making measurable progress toward your most ambitious health and wellness goals.

Meet The Presenter:

Brittany Harris

MS, LAT, ATC, Cert. DN


  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Rehabilitation & Recovery

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Nutrition Counsel

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Corporate Health Education


Founder of BFITT Athletic Training & Fitness Institute

Hi, I'm Britt, and I'm excited to be your educator on bringing your own fitness and wellness practices alive!

Over the years, my insights have empowered countless individuals to shed body fat, skyrocket their confidence, and even obliterate health issues like high A1c levels and cholesterol—sometimes in just a matter of weeks. I've created this webinar to gift you with the opportunity to do the same for yourself!

Here's the game-changing observation: success comes to those who've set clear intentions. The gap between 'thinking about it' and 'making it happen' often boils down to setting your sights on actionable, purpose-driven goals.

You're not here by accident. You're here because you're ready to do the work that goes into achieving optimal health. This is your confirmation: this webinar is an investment into your lifelong wellbeing, & the lessons you'll learn have the power to change your life for the better!


Karmen S. - Clearwater, FL

You Grow, Our Vision

You grow your knowledge of what it means to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle that you can depend on benefitting you for the rest of your life. 

Our vision is to empower individuals with practical fitness and wellness solutions, guiding them towards self-healing and transformative results.

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Claim Your Spot on the Waitlist Today!

Your path to Fitt-Well Mastery awaits. Join us on this transformative webinar experience and take the first leap towards the vibrant and fulfilling life you deserve.


"Why did I choose this profession? I didn’t choose this profession. This profession chose me."

As founder of BFITT, I made the mission clear from the beginning, create a healthy, happy, healed way of living. This is my calling. Healing is my calling. Helping individuals battle injury, and illness just as I had to for myself growing up, has been something that has come natural to me. As a youth I struggled with self worth and love, I struggled with putting myself priority in life.


My adolescence lacked support in self love and care; something my soul yearned to receive. This lack pushed me off my road to full body healing many times. It was in college where I finally realized that the struggle was to end. I made it my mission to learn how to lead a healthy, happy, healed life - which, unbeknownst to me at that time, would be a lifelong journey.


Over the past 15 years of time in this field, and through practically and scientifically applied approaches, I was able to educate myself on how to cultivate not only a wholesome life I wanted, but a life that I deserved. It was important for me to understand the link between the mind and body. Through this linking of the mind and the body, I would be able to unlock a side of me that needed not to be the strongest in the room. I learned how to be efficient. And it was through my learning that I discovered this calling for others.


Fitness was just one side of this journey. The other side came when fitness was stripped from me after sustaining a major injury that took me away from fitness for some time. This injury introduced me to the mental aspect of what it means to be healthy and well. I’ve been in situations where I physically could not move -  where I had to sit with myself and my thoughts and figure out how I was to break the patterns of unhealthiness, without full support of exercise outlets, or family, or loved ones.


I’ve been in that position where showing up for myself was quite literally all I had. And through the lessons I now teach to my students, I have begun to master what it truly means to be something bigger than myself. I understand that in order to get to that level of service, I FIRST had to serve myself, fully and completely so that when it came time for me to serve others in this way, I would be able to do so without losing myself in the process. 

My why is bigger than me, & the service I provide is a reflection of that. Coming from someone that has done the work, I'm more than confident on my skillset to lead you through it. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear - this is your sign.

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